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What is Pelty?
It is the only bluetooth speaker in the world that works with fire.

What's special about it?
It is the only portable bluetooth speaker in the world that works thanks (only) to the heat of the fire. Without electric cables or batteries, it is powered by a mini bioethanol tank (but also works with simple household alcohol), is eco friendly and has been completely designed in Italy, with exclusively Made in Italy materials.

It is made of Italian ceramic, wood and glass and is fueled by fire. It has no electric cables or batteries, but a small refillable tank with any common fuel (household alcohol, or bioethanol recommended because it is odorless and has low CO2 emissions). Completely eco-friendly, it is externally composed of a wooden base on which the ceramic structure with the tank and the wick rests, while inside it houses the Peltier cell that allows you to play music. It has an autonomy of about 4 hours, but it works for a few minutes even with the flame out, giving us time to refill the tank.

Edoardo Bosio, a young visionary entrepreneur who, together with the ceramic manufacturer Tripepi and a team of professionals and ecology enthusiasts, worked on the Pelty project for two years before being able to get to the current bluetooth speaker.

Made in Italy?
It is the pride of Made in Italy: hyper-technological, exclusive (it is the only one in the world with this technology) and above all eco-friendly, it was designed and created entirely in Italy. With this speaker it's a whole different music.


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