Pelty: play your fire


Pelty transforms the thermal energy generated by the heat of a candle into the electric energy needed to power up the speakers.

The technological heart of Pelty is the TEG (Thermo Electric Generator), also known as “Peltier cooler” from the name of the inventor who, at the beginning of the 19th century, discovered the physical principle according to which electric energy passing through two junctures of different metals generates a heat transfer. The opposite effect – also called Seeback effect – happens when in a circuit made of metal conductors or semiconductors, a heat difference generates electricity.

The secret of Pelty, however, lies in the engineering of its components. The Peltier cooler is rather inefficient (that’s why it’s seldom used), and only a very high temperature difference can generate enough electric power to turn on the speaker. The space inside Pelty and its components are designed to maximise such temperature difference.

The product is placed inside the artisanal ceramic vase thanks to wood and ceramic frames. The external glass lets fresh air get into the system from below while warm air gets out from above, so the efficiency of the process is always guaranteed.